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компания Sunward
Sunward: manufacturer of excavators and crawler cranes
Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group was founded in 1999, led by Professor of Central South University Mr. He Qinghua. Over the twenty years of its existence, the company has grown into a global enterprise and one of the largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment in China. Sunward is one of the 50 leading global manufacturers of construction equipment and the top 20 among the world's leading manufacturers of excavators.

The company has annual sales of $ 874 million and employs more than 4,800 people. The company constantly conducts research and development of new types of equipment, regularly expanding the range of products that are exported to more than 100 countries around the world. The Sunward brand is already registered in dozens of countries. The company is the owner of a large number of awards for the introduction of the latest technologies in production and for the development of innovative products.
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Address: 119361 Moscow
st. Maria Polivanova, 9, floor 1 of.18
Phone: +7 499 640 3832
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