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компания Luxtower
Luxtower: light tower manufacturer
Luxtower’s history began in 2011 with a team of engineers, designers and mechanics working together to create a series of mobile lighting towers that are currently exported to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Luxtower is headquartered in Codeville (Pavia), 60 km south of Milan, on an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, close to major ports and logistics centers in northern Italy.

The company manufactures machines carefully designed and assembled by the best professionals using the latest innovations. Performance, durability and ease of use are the main features of Luxtower equipment.

In addition to its range of lighting towers, the company offers WORKING LIGHTS LED lamps, a practical solution for mobile lighting at a construction site, and is also developing the SECURITY TOWERS project, a video surveillance project for risk management.

The company offers a wide range of compact and versatile lighting towers for various applications, such as construction sites, mining, emergency humanitarian operations and special events. Some models have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the needs and demands that have been expressed by customers over time.
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Address: 119361 Moscow
st. Maria Polivanova, 9, floor 1 of.18
Phone: +7 499 640 3832
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Fax: +7 495 437 5592
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