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Bburg: a manufacturer of drilling rigs for the mining industry
BBURG rock drills deliver productivity, operation safety and cost effectiveness to the modern construction and mining environment. Indigenously designed and manufactured in Germany – the delivered machines highly pass customer’s expectations.

A range of five different top hammer machines cover the construction industry as well as the quarries and mines from 2,5” to 5,5” hole diameter. Four down the hole machines cover larger quarry and mining applications with 3,5” up to 8,5” hole diameter.

Product design is based on the principle of ease of access of basic structural components and ease of maintenance, which, combined with the use of first-class components, allows BBURG to produce equipment that is difficult to compete with.

When designing each rig, the needs of customers are always taken into account. This approach is reflected in the final product, which fully meets the specific requirements of a particular area of its application.
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Down the hole drill rigs
Top hammer drill rigs
Exploration drill rigs
Compressor stations
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