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компания Dura-Tuff
Dura-Tuff: manufacturer grouser for tracked vehicles
Dura-Tuff, was founded in 1986 and originally called W.M.C. The creators of the company drew attention to the need of the heavy tracked vehicles market for high-quality grousers. A few years later, the company changes its name to Dura-Tuff to emphasize the Durability and Tuffness of their grouser products.

America has a rich industrial history, particularly in the steel industry. Dura-Tuff continues this tradition with the best, most reliable, innovative products in the world. Hard daily work has resulted into products that work even harder in some of the most abrasive environments on the planet, in more than twenty-five countries throughout the world.

Each product starts with a proprietary boron alloy which maximizes hardness and weldability. From there the steel is cut-to-length and individually heat treated for consistent through-hardness. This process of hand crafting each bar results in steel that is up to 20 points harder (Rockwell C) than our competitor’s bar.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of products; available types of grousers are able to satisfy any requirements of owners of tracked vehicles. Below we offer you to get acquainted with the proposed varieties of products and guides about how to choose and weld grousers.
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