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компания Palazzani
Palazzani: manufacturer of wheel loaders and backhoe loaders
Palazzani is a company with a history of over 80 years, that was able to assert its position in the global market and expand a now widely known production. The company was born in 1935, from a small workshop, starting with the production of agricultural equipment. In 1954, the first Earth Moving machines, a range of hydraulically operated 4WD Wheeled Loaders, excavators and cranes were produced. A positive customer reaction to the products allowed the company to become a joint stock company in 1980.

Palazzani has two production divisions: Palift for Aerial Platforms and Paload for Earth Moving Machines.

To achieve the dual goal of personalization and productivity, Palazzani applies innovative and unique technological solutions. Each machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with the individual wishes of the client. Articulated wheel loaders and backhoe loaders are well suited to work even in the harsh Russian conditions, with a minimum operating temperature of -40 ° C.
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Address: 119361 Moscow
st. Maria Polivanova, 9, floor 1 of.18
Phone: +7 499 640 3832
Phone: +7 926 169 0936
Fax: +7 495 437 5592
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