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Fast Verdini
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компания FastVerdini
Fast Verdini: manufacturer of roadwork equipment
In the 1940s, Guerrino Verdini founded a large mechanical workshop dedicated to the restoration of equipment that was damaged during the war. Over time, the business turned into an industrial structure, increasing the area of ​​premises and acquiring equipment. A group of highly qualified specialists was engaged in the production of equipment mainly for construction, a sector that developed rapidly in Italy in the 60s.

FastVerdini produces equipment for the construction and maintenance of roads necessary for the processing of concrete, asphalt or other materials for civil and industrial building or road structures, from small sidewalks to large airport pavements.

FastVerdini, a company specializing in tools for compaction, vibration, cutting, drilling or grinding, designs and manufactures each model from its first-hand assortment, managing the production chain from the selection and processing method of raw materials to assembly and production processes.

The production division of the diamond segment is the result of forty years of experience in the production of blades with thickness, height, teeth, binders, highly specialized for the selected type of cutting and processed material.
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