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Компания KAMACH
KAMACH: manufacturer of quarry and mining equipment
Founded in March 2003, KAMACH Mining specializes in the design, manufacture and service of quarry and mining equipment. We offer a wide range of material handling equipment, mine loaders, excavators, drilling and tunneling equipment.

With a registered capital of 300 million yuan, the company was able to set up 4 development institutes - Mining Equipment Development Institute, Drilling Equipment Development Institute, Electrical System Development Institute, Tool Development Institute. The company employs more than 150 experienced engineers who are responsible for product quality and the development of new types of equipment.

Equipment KAMACH:

  1. Drilling equipment (exploratory drilling rigs) is used for drilling wells for casing pipes, coring, open pit mining, drilling blast holes, laying underground passages, etc.
  2. Loading and hauling machines, mining dump trucks and auxiliary vehicles.
  3. Mining excavators and roadheaders.
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